Here I keep a record of what I have read over time.

追寻消逝的时光:小记我的朋友高华 week28 douban Gao Hua 高华
广电砸下百亿的CMMB手持电视 终究被时代抛弃了 week28 新浪 CMMB mobile
游戏零工在中国 week28 gravitysworm gaming China labor
What Went Wrong With IBM’s Watson week28 slate IBM IBM Watson AI
The M1 Macs week28 daringfireball Apple Apple Silicon Apple M1
科技爱好者周刊(第 135 期):什么行业适合创业? week28 ruanyifeng startup
招聘网站里的情色陷阱:招助理实为“拉皮条” week28 新京报 hiring mistress
Sin City week28 thecut NYC COVID19 nightlife
The Few, the Tired, the Open Source Coders week28 wired programming open source the bootstrap
Playing on Hard Mode week28 stratechery airbnb doordash OTA
Bolt Holiday Gift Guide 2020 week28 bolt holiday gifts gadgets
基层治理“积分制”试验:举报违法犯罪加分,越级上访扣分 week27 微信公众号 China authoritative state
Fifth Plenum communique; Small reprieve for Huawei; US-China; RIP Cecilia Chiang paywall week27 sinocism China
科技爱好者周刊(第 134 期):未来的游戏业比现在大100倍 week27 ruanyifeng gaming
Direct-to-consumer sets week27 brickset Lego analysis D2C
Wine Subscription Companies See Sales Pour in During the Holidays week27 secondmeasure wine analysis
Map: Every Year in the History of Tibetan People week27 thesoundingline Tibet history geography
Ian Easton on the Prospect for War over Taiwan week27 thesoundingline China Taiwan Ian Easton
Chart: Five Biggest Stocks Are 23% of S&P 500 Market Cap week27 thesoundingline sp500 stocks
Apple reduces App Store cut to 15 percent for small businesses week27 sixcolors Apple App store
Gundlach's Terrifying Vision of the Future week27 thesoundingline
Super-spreading wedding party demonstrates COVID-19 risk posed by holiday gatherings week27 latimes COVID19 super-spreader
Scraping Pages Behind Login Forms week27 gregreda scraping login tutorial
Intel’s Disruption is Now Complete week27 medium Intel Apple Apple Silicon Clay Christensen iPhone
微信小程序入门教程之一:初次上手 week27 ruanyifeng Wechat Wechat mini program tutorial
Is the Internet Different? week27 stratechery Aggregation Theory regulation
Super Mario 2021 sets revealed! week27 brickset Lego Super Mario Nintendo
App Store Small Business Program Will Reduce Commission to 15 Percent for Developers Earning up to $1 Million Per Year week27 daringfireball Apple App store
Intel’s Disruption Is Now Complete week27 mjtsai Intel ARM Apple Apple M1
Big Sur Notifications week27 mjtsai macOS Apple Big Sur
Big Sur Application Icons week27 mjtsai macOS Apple Big Sur
A Hole in the Wall week27 mjtsai Apple macOS privacy
微信小程序入门教程之二:页面样式 week27 ruanyifeng Wechat Wechat mini program tutorial
Calculating set ratings week27 brickset Lego rating analysis
2019 Bricktober sets week27 brickset Lego
Barely Half of Americans Are Currently Working week27 thesoundingline economy labor
Review: 10276 Colosseum week26 brickset Lego
Kyle Bass Sees Broad, Liquidity Fueled Rally in 2021 week26 thesoundingline stocks
A quick hit about the big and small iPhone 12 models week26 sixcolors iPhone Apple
First things first: Why the M1 starts at Apple’s low end week26 macworld Apple
Unboxing the Design your own City set week26 brickset Lego
Xi's Pudong speech; Peaceful China and the knife handle; Did Xi kill the Ant IPO?; Hong Kong paywall week26 sinocism China HK ant group
科技爱好者周刊(第 133 期):贵州变瑞士,有没有可能? week26 ruanyifeng
Amazon Prime Day 2020 Was the Biggest Ever week26 secondmeasure Amazon prime day
今年免费海葬每份骨灰 仍有400元现金补贴 week26 ifeng 海葬
Apple’s Shifting Differentiation week26 stratechery Apple
LEGO Star Wars pricing week26 brickset Lego star wars
突发!沈志华线上讲座遭举报中断,首师大声明谴责 week26 微信公众号 沈志华
上午海葬、下午放生 一艘大连海葬船的生死苦恼 week26 微信公众号 海葬
Frozen imports and Covid-19; Foreign trade under the dual circulation strategy; Hong Kong; US-China paywall week26 sinocism China paywall
Twitter and Facebook Assert Biden’s Victory week26 daringfireball Twitter FB Biden
Raspberry Pi 400: the $70 desktop PC week26 raspberrypi raspberry pi
Temporary & Contract Worker Index Climbs Back to Pre-Lockdown Level week26 thesoundingline economy labor
Welcome to the Next Major Market Regime week26 thesoundingline economy
Real-Estate Loans Growing at Slowest Pace Since 2014 week25 thesoundingline real-estate
Who pays the most, and least, for their LEGO? week25 brickset Lego
About That 85% week25 mjtsai Apple App store
Apple Q4 2020 results: Record Mac revenue, iPhone down week25 sixcolors Apple earnings
Tim Cook on Apple’s 2020 week25 sixcolors Apple earnings
The Mac has its best quarter ever, and Tim Cook teases the future week25 macworld Apple earnings
I'm doing another Recurse Center batch! week25 jvns
A few things I've learned about email marketing week25 jvns marketing
The Daring Fireball Election Desk Is Calling It: Biden Wins week25 daringfireball
最近公司在用 java 重写一个 ruby on rails 应用,我的一些碎碎念。 · Ruby China week25 ruby-china
科技爱好者周刊(第 132 期):快能力和慢能力 week25 ruanyifeng
Jack Ma’s mess; Australia China risk; China bans some foreigners; Heartbreaking human trafficking story paywall week25 sinocism
ChaguanNo American election will change China’s mind week25 economist China
Professor Yu Ying-shih on the Roots of Chinese Totalitarianism — Jerome A. Cohen : 孔傑榮(柯恩) week25 jeromecohen
Interview with Yu Ying-shih TRANSLATION 101720.pdf week25 google drive
【六四30●專訪余英時】斥港人平反六四荒唐 冀「皇帝開恩」永無民主 week25 appledaily