Here I keep a record of what I have read over time.

Is China's Rare Earth Monopoly Waning? - thesoundingline
week39 rare earth China
Review: The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain - brickset
week39 Flower fruit mountain Lego Monkie kid
The 50 Most Visited Websites in the World - thesoundingline
week39 analysis websites internet
Party history study campaign; Details from June India-China clash; WHO investigation - sinocism
paywall week39 China WHO India
France, China Lead the World for Corporate Debt - thesoundingline
week39 corporate debt debt China France economy
Developed Market Working Age Populations Are Peaking - thesoundingline
week39 labor economy
Radio's Reach Is Still Unparalleled - thesoundingline
week39 radio advertisement tv
Significant Contribution Again - asymco
week39 Apple iOS CarPlay
Why doesn’t “Look Around” (Apple’s version of Google Street View) cover more areas? - justinobeirne
week39 Apple Maps Google Maps look-around
Clubhouse’s Inevitability - stratechery
week39 Clubhouse internet social media audio
Goldman Has an Investing Robot - bloomberg
week39 Goldman Sachs Marcus Robo investor
Google’s iOS Apps, Which Still Haven’t Been Update Since Early December, Are Now Warning Users They’re Out of Date - daringfireball
week38 iOS App Store Google privacy
The Relentless Jeff Bezos - stratechery
week38 Amazon Jeff Bezos ecommerce AWS Prime CEO
How To Reduce Stress With Simple Daily Planning - workflowy
week38 tutorial planning schedule todo list
The Jobs Recovery Appears to Be Stalling Out - thesoundingline
week38 labor economy US jobs
Publishing is Back to the Future - stratechery
week38 journalism blog internet
Pandemic accelerates GameStop’s shift to online sales - secondmeasure
week38 analysis GameStop ecommerce online internet gaming
New Year's banquet; Biden-Xi call imminent?; WHO investigation; "Evil wolves"; Happy Year of the Ox - sinocism
paywall week38 WHO US-China Xi
Set availability: Ideas and Modular Buildings - brickset
week38 Lego analysis Ideas Modular
Which sets have been available for the shortest period of time? - brickset
week38 Lego analysis
People Are Worried About Payment for Order Flow - bloomberg
week38 broker stocks market Robinhood PFOF
GameStop Is Just a Game - bloomberg
week37 GameStop gaming stocks market
Regular afternoon naps linked to improved cognitive function - sciencefocus
week37 research nap sleep cognitive function
How Will the GameStop Game Stop? - bloomberg
week37 GameStop gaming stocks market
GameStonk Rocket Rocket Rocket - bloomberg
week37 GameStop gaming stocks market
GameStop Stock Game Got Stomped - bloomberg
week37 GameStop gaming stocks market
The GameStop Game Never Stops - bloomberg
week37 GameStop gaming business stocks market
三星:汽车芯片短缺也将波及智能手机领域 - ftchinese
week37 Samsung chips auto semiconductors
Lunar New Year travel; Techno-nationalism and Biden's China policy; Politburo meeting; WHO - sinocism
paywall week37 China Lunar new year WHO
Review: 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens (3) - brickset
week37 Lego Ninjago Ninjago City Graden
Intel Problems - stratechery
week37 Intel chips semiconductors US
Firecracker: start a VM in less than a second - jvns
week37 tutorial Firecracker VM virtual machine
Is the Twitter Ban Securities Fraud? - bloomberg
week36 Twitter social media business
Beauty Subscription Boxes Glow During COVID-19 - secondmeasure
week36 business analysis subscription COVID19
郑爽代孕弃养风波:钻法律空子,这绝不是无辜! - 微信公众号
week36 surrogate Chinese mandarin gossip 中文
财富与特权:“华为公主”姚安娜娱乐圈出道引争议 - nytimes
week36 mandarin 中文 Huawei Chinese
Call for WHO to investigate US goes viral; US declares genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang; end of the Trump Era in US-China relations - sinocism
paywall week36 China virus origin
Review: 21325 Medieval Blacksmith - brickset
week36 Lego Ideas
Japanese people may have gained longevity by balancing their diets - economist
week36 Japan longevity health diet
SPAC Magic Isn’t Free - bloomberg
week36 SPAC business market
Former Chewy CEO tries to push GameStop to become the Amazon of the video-game industry - cnbc
week36 GameStop gaming business
007.我为什么出逃拼多多 - xiaoyuzhoufm
week36 Pinduoduo podcast Chinese mandarin labor 中文
The Entrant’s Guide to The Automobile Industry updated - asymco
week36 auto
Apple’s Fourth Calendar Quarter 2020 - asymco
week36 Apple earnings stocks
Apple Pay's pay day - asymco
week36 Apple Apple Pay iOS
我在拼多多的三年 – LeadroyaL's website - leadroyal
week35 Pinduoduo mandarin 中文 labor
Base Ace review - brickset
week35 Lego 3rd-party
Internet 3.0 and the Beginning of (Tech) History - stratechery
week35 privacy internet social media
我为什么一定要从拼多多离职?迟到一分钟扣三小时的工资 - 新浪
week35 Pinduoduo mandarin 中文 labor
外卖骑手,倒在寒冬里 - 微信公众号
week35 mandarin 中文 gig economy China eleme
Behind the scenes of a carpet pad recycling business in 1997 - deepsouthventures
week35 business entrepreunor
NINJAGO: The Island sets officially revealed! - brickset
week35 Lego Ninjago
Ten years of LEGO NINJAGO! - brickset
week35 Lego Ninjago
Growth in Desktops, Mac Marketshare - mjtsai
week35 Apple macOS
BBEdit: A text utility, not just a text editor - sixcolors
week35 Apple BBEdit tutorial text editor
The Republicans Are Turning on Trump - daringfireball
week35 politics Trump Republican
Existence of Apple’s item tracking tags leaks…again - sixcolors
week35 Apple leak tag
Disney+ takes customer retention crown from Netflix - secondmeasure
week35 Disney analysis Netflix SVOD
The Sounding Line Is Now Google & Ad Free - thesoundingline
week35 Google ads privacy
拼多多惹恼了年轻人 - moomoo
week35 mandarin 中文 China Pinduoduo
NINJAGO City Gardens: more details - brickset
week35 Lego Ninjago
孟加拉无指纹家族在数字时代面临的各种困扰 - bbc
week35 fingerprint
Hans Reiser 还有三年将出狱 - solidot
week35 mandarin 中文
Global Food Inflation Is Spiking, Up Roughly 15% Since Early 2019 - thesoundingline
week35 economy world
Parler Removed From App Stores and AWS - mjtsai
week35 Parler Amazon Amazon AWS cloud Apple App store iOS
因为看到同事被抬上救护车我被拼多多开除了 - bilibili
week34 Pinduoduo mandarin 中文 labor
白酒大涨还能持续么?机构:抱团股瓦解概率很低 - moomoo
week34 stocks mandarin 中文 baijiu China
科技爱好者周刊(第 141 期):封闭系统的胜利 - 阮一峰
week34 aggregate M1 mandarin 中文
10 Chinese spies caught in Kabul get a quiet pardon, fly home in chartered aircraft - hindustantimes
week34 India spy China politics
10th Anniversary of the Mac App Store - mjtsai
week34 Apple App store iOS
The Entire Bull Market Has Occurred During Overnight Trading - thesoundingline
week34 stocks market
The Balance of Political Power in 2021 and 2022 - thesoundingline
week34 US politics market
Tesla Kept Busy in 2020 - bloomberg
week34 Tesla stocks market
Guo Jingming’s ‘The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity’ Pulled from Theaters - whatsonweibo
week34 China movie plagiarism
Death sentence for a corrupt official; Jack Ma; WHO's China visa problem; United Front - sinocism
paywall week34 China US aggregate
The IPO Market Was Too Good - bloomberg
week34 IPO stocks market
App Story - asymco
week34 Apple apps App store iOS
Some Thoughts on 2021 - thesoundingline
week34 economy market China
Trump and Twitter - stratechery
week34 Twitter Trump social media freedom of speech
Bank of Japan Remains Pound-for-Pound World Champion of Monetization in 2020 - thesoundingline
week34 Japan monetization economy
The Meteoric Return of Retail Trading - thesoundingline
week34 stocks retail trading US
The Death of the Copper/Gold vs. 10-Year Correlation? - thesoundingline
week34 market copper treasury
My Favorite Charts from 2020 - thesoundingline
week34 economy stocks US labor
The Fed Is the Treasury Market Now - thesoundingline
week34 fed economy treasury US
The composition of modular buildings - brickset
week34 Lego modular tutorial
士林夜市人潮剩二成 商圈:難吃、貴的都陣亡了 - udn
week34 Taiwan mandarin 中文 summer market
Docker Compose: a nice way to set up a dev environment - jvns
week34 tutorial Docker Docker compose
20 Macs for 2020: The cutting-room floor - sixcolors
week34 Apple Mac macOS Macbook
Sounding confident going into 2021; Politics in command; BRI not dead; 2021 foreign policy priorities; Tesla China - sinocism
paywall week34 China Tesla aggregate
Dystopian Future Securities Fraud - bloomberg
week34 security fraud bitcoin market
Democrats are poised to take the Senate. Here’s what it means for tech. - protocol
week34 Georgia Senate regulation tech Democrat Republican
Hong Kong; Hebei outbreak; Propaganda meeting; Chaos in DC - sinocism
paywall week34 China Hebei outbreak COVID19 aggregate
New Defaults - stratechery
week34 Apple Facebook internet information privacy platforms
Do you disassemble your sets? - brickset
week34 Lego
2021年投资将进入hard模式 - 微信公众号
week34 mandarin 中文 investment stocks China
When Big Brands Stopped Spending On Digital Ads, Nothing Happened. Why? - slashdot
week34 ads tech internet
Mirrors: Create live copies of any bullet and put them anywhere - workflowy
week34 new features
25 projects qualify in latest LEGO Ideas review period - brickset
week34 Lego Ideas
The year in review - brickset
week33 Lego
Clues to the minifig's lifecycle uncovered in City sets - brickset
week33 Lego Lego City
M1 Money Supply Growth Surges to Eye Watering 69% - thesoundingline
week33 economy M1 US
Private party app pulled from App Store by Apple - arstechnica
week33 Apple App store iOS COVID19
Ronald Stoeferle: All Fiscal and Monetary Taboos Have Been Broken in 2020 - thesoundingline
week33 economy feds
Bleak new year in prospect for UK LEGO fans - brickset
week33 Lego UK COVID19 shutdown
2020 Review: SaaS IPOs - meritechcapital
week33 SaaS IPO market analysis
Facebook’s Unknowable Megascale - daringfireball
week33 Facebook ads privacy
科技爱好者周刊(第 140 期):印度人的工资是多少? - 阮一峰
week33 India labor
GitHub的中国乱象 : 刷星、高仿、骂街和版 - pingwest
week33 Github China fake
Forecast 2025: China Adjusts Course - macropolo
week33 China analysis
US Rail Traffic Has Been up Year-over-Year Since October - thesoundingline
week33 US economy retail
Leland Miller Deconstructs China's Exaggerated Recovery Narrative - thesoundingline
week33 China economy GDP COVID19
中国“芯片热”背后:投资泡沫、项目烂尾 - nytimes
week33 China semiconductors chips mandarin 中文
Lemonade 保险公司放弃利润,赚市值。 (利润无限好,只是近黄昏。) 最近十几年,世界最前卫的创业者们已经放弃了利... - xueqiu
week33 Lemonade entrepreneur startup insurance mandarin 中文
死于新冠的美国华裔,缘何惨遭全网群嘲? - 微信公众号
week33 COVID19 China US mandarin 中文
无人驾驶将迎上市潮:禾赛科技已完成上市辅导,图森未来最快明年在美IPO - 微信公众号
week33 autonomous car China IPO stocks market mandarin 中文
Microsoft Productivity Score - mjtsai
week32 Microsoft Office privacy
Review: 80107 Spring Lantern Festival - brickset
week32 Lego Lantern festival China
Integrating the Spring Lantern Festival into your modular street - brickset
week32 Lego Lantern festival China modular set
The World's Largest Arms Companies - thesoundingline
week32 Arms company economy market
Chart: Why Uncertainty About the Future of the Eurozone Never Quite Goes Away - thesoundingline
week32 economy eurozone
It's Long Past Time to Boycott the CCP - thesoundingline
week32 CCP China
Is Rising Inflation Actually Good for Stocks? - thesoundingline
week32 inflation economy stocks
Apple’s most significant moves of 2020 - macworld
week32 Apple M1 Apple Silicon iPhone
科技爱好者周刊(第 139 期):生物学的可怕进展 - 阮一峰
week32 biology RNA vaccine mandarin 中文
百度为什么掉队了 - coolshell
week32 Baidu mandarin 中文
Apple Removes Unlicensed Games From China App Store - mjtsai
week32 Apple China App store iOS game
Apple’s “Privacy Nutrition Labels” Are a Blessing and a Curse - mjtsai
week32 Apple App store iOS privacy
Raymond Wong Reviews Fitness+ - daringfireball
week32 Apple Fitness+ Apple Watch
Todd Haselton Reviews Apple Fitness+ - daringfireball
week32 Apple Fitness+ Apple Watch
Daisuke Wakabayashi on the Dominance of Google Search - daringfireball
week32 Google Alphabet search monopoly
Dismissing Big Sur Notifications - mjtsai
week32 Apple macOS Big Sur notification
‘Let’s Skim! The Slack/Salesforce Press Release’ - daringfireball
week32 Slack Salesforce
Why Inflation Targeting Is a Bad Idea and So Many Feel That Inflation Is Higher Than CPI - thesoundingline
week32 economy inflation CPI
Pushing the limits: acoustic side channels - lightbluetouchpaper
week32 security micphone voice assistant acoustic side channels
iPhone 12 mini & iPhone 12 Pro Max: Enjoyable extremes - sixcolors
week32 Apple iPhone 12 iPhone
This Japanese Shop Is 1,020 Years Old. It Knows a Bit About Surviving Crises. - nytimes
week32 Japan shop entrepreneur
Matthew Panzarino’s ‘Not a Review’ First Look at AirPods Max - daringfireball
week32 Apple Airpods Airpods Max headphone
Heavy Is the Head That Wears the AirPods Max - daringfireball
week32 Apple Airpods Airpods Max headphone
Apple Preps Next Mac Chips With Aim to Outclass Top-End PCs - bloomberg
week32 Apple M1 Apple Silicon
Unlike During Global Financial Crisis, Neither CPI nor PCE Inflation Have Turned Negative - thesoundingline
week32 economy CPI inflation
Thebes, Egypt – 1821 - thesoundingline
week32 Egypt history
What Happens When This Chart Hits Zero? - thesoundingline
week32 GDP US treasuries debt economy
The Rise of Zombie Companies Continues - thesoundingline
week32 zombie companies US debt economy
Where Debt Has Risen the Fastest Since Covid - thesoundingline
week32 debt COVID19 economy
The home of the Sopranos is under siege: Inside the battle for the soul of HBO - cnbc
week32 AT&T HBO HBO Max WarnerMedia VODS
BT独家 | 知乎已启动上市程序,欲在美股或港股IPO - toutiao
week32 知乎 zhihu IPO stocks mandarin 中文
How I write useful programming comics - jvns
week32 programming tutorial
Kweichow Moutai : China's Liquor Giants Intoxicate Investors - marketscreener
week32 liquor stocks Maotai China
An exploration of the cybercrime ecosystem around Shodan - lightbluetouchpaper
week32 security cybercrime shodan search engine research
Steve Jobs on Privacy - daringfireball
week32 privacy Steve Jobs Apple
Kara Swisher : ‘Facebook’s Tone-Deaf Attack on Apple’ - daringfireball
week32 Facebook Apple privacy ads
Justice Department Charges Zoom With Suppressing U.S. Calls About Tiananmen Square, at Behest of China - daringfireball
week32 Zoom China lawsuit Tiananmen Square
Facebook: Free as in Bullshit - daringfireball
week32 Facebook privacy ads
Leland Miller: China Is Revising 2019 Down to Make 2020 Growth Look Stronger - thesoundingline
week32 China economy GDP
Traffic review of the year - brickset
week32 Lego analysis
科技爱好者周刊(第 138 期):失业难以避免,重构人生规划 - 阮一峰
week32 labor
The five fundamentals; National security; Power shortages; RIP Ezra Vogel - sinocism
paywall week32 China US
福建小哥租下一片海,造600㎡漂浮大平层:我随时可以与世隔绝 - 微信公众号
week32 house architecture mandarin 中文
Pokémon Go creators say COVID is ‘existential to our game’ - theverge
week32 Pokemon Pokemon Go Ninatic COVID19 game
Coal and winter heating; Complaints about the iron-ore price; US-China - sinocism
paywall week32 China coal
广告界的未来:你需要了解的三个程序化广告交易股票 - 微信公众号
week31 ads stocks adtech programmable ads mandarin 中文
Apple in mid-2023 - asymco
week31 Apple financial revenue
Five Lessons From Dave Chappelle - stratechery
week31 contract standup comedy
E-commerce firm Wish sees shares fall 5% in market debut - reuters
week31 Wish e-commerce IPO stocks
Introducing Cloudflare Pages: the best way to build JAMstack websites - cloudflare
week31 Cloudflare pages JAMstack
Building Speeders: The Creative Process - brickset
week31 Lego speeders tutorial
Housing Market Update: Home Prices Up 15%, Pending Sales Rise 32% - redfin
week31 housing analysis
When will virtual reality take off? The $100 bet. - glinden
week31 VR
App Store - apple
week31 privacy Apple App store
Social Networking 2.0 - stratechery
week31 social network internet
What we (don't) know about you - 1password
week31 security password
瑞幸财务造假案1.8亿美元和解 - ftchinese
week31 Luckin fraud mandarin 中文
Two years for the two Michaels; Sanctioned official speaks at AmCham China dinner; Debt - sinocism
paywall week31 China Canada Tibetan
Facebook Takes Out Full-Page Newspaper Ads to Attack Apple’s Changes Strengthening iOS Privacy - daringfireball
week31 Facebook Apple privacy ads newspaper
I Suppose a Roman à Clef About a Design-Obsessed California Computer Maker With a Charismatic but Mercurial Founder Whose Youthful Arrogance Leads to His Ignominious Ouster and Exile, Only to Return a Decade Later to Not Only Save the Company From Seemingly Certain Ruin but Lead Them to Theretofore Unimaginable Triumph and Renown, Is Off the Table Too - daringfireball
week31 Apple Gawker Tim Cook Apple TV+
US Working Age Population Is Now Shrinking - thesoundingline
week31 US labor
Excess Liquidity and the S&P 500 PE Ratio - thesoundingline
week31 sp500 economy
David Rosenberg Explains How Our "Huge Financial Asset Bubble" Will Eventually Pop - thesoundingline
week31 economy
Who visited Brickset this year and what did they look at? - brickset
week31 lego analysis
CD Projekt Loses 37% of Value on Game Bugs, Console Refunds - bloomberg
week31 cyberpunk 2077 gaming
失败的党 - foreignaffairs
week31 China CCP
Value vs Growth Inflows Hit Record Extremes - thesoundingline
week30 economy stocks
Privacy Labels and Lookalike Audiences - stratechery
week30 privacy ads Apple Facebook Google regulation
Cloudflare’s privacy-first Web Analytics is now available for everyone - cloudflare
week30 Cloudflare web
科技爱好者周刊(第 137 期):Slack 被收购,以及企业的技术选型 - 阮一峰
Upgrading From an iPhone XR to an iPhone 12 mini - mjtsai
week30 iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Mini Apple
AirPods Max - mjtsai
week30 Apple Airpods Max
Deploying static sites with Github Actions - gregreda
week30 tutorial github github actions static site
Germany Has Been in an Industrial Recession Since 2018 - thesoundingline
week30 economy Germany recession
Trillion Dollar Liquidity Wave About to Hit? - thesoundingline
week30 economy feds
A Lesson of US Manufacturing Dominance in the 1930s: It’s Not About Cheap Labor - thesoundingline
week30 labor manufactoring us
Using Go and Twilio to monitor my email - gregreda
week30 tutorial golang twilio static site
Stripe: Platform of Platforms - stratechery
week30 Stripe platform Internet
雷洋事件 - wikipedia
week30 雷洋 China
雷洋 - 百度百科
week30 雷洋 China
雷洋案,重要的是:人是怎么死的? - 知乎
week30 雷洋 China
回头再看那条人大硕士求救帖,几乎每一段都充斥着谎言! - 观察网
week30 雷洋 China
雷洋案涉案警务人员和相关责任人受到党政纪处理 - 新华网
week30 雷洋 China
Adding the Police Station to your modular street - brickset
week30 Lego modular home review creator expert
We read the paper that forced Timnit Gebru out of Google. Here’s what it says - technologyreview
week30 Google ethical AI research termination
Facebook and investing in the long-term - glinden
week30 Facebook disinformation ads fake news
被击穿的「蛋壳公寓」:中介互联网的倒台范本 - solidot
week29 蛋壳
Willie Lu - facebook
week29 China academia
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Relocating Headquarters From Silicon Valley to Texas - daringfireball
week29 HP
Warner Bros. to stream all new movies on HBO Max in 2021 - sixcolors
week29 HBO MAX Warner Bros SVOD
App Store’s Best Apps and Games of 2020 - daringfireball
week29 Apple App store iOS Genshin Impact Zoom gacha game
M1 Macs: Truth and Truthiness - daringfireball
week29 Apple M1 Mac Apple Silicon
Xi declares victory over poverty; Steel production surges; Real estate; Australia-China - sinocism
paywall week29 China Xi
科技爱好者周刊(第 136 期):利特伍德奇迹定律 - 阮一峰
Biden wants a united front; Hong Kong jail sentences; Xianzi’s 弦子 day in court; Danke mess - sinocism
paywall week29 China united front Xianzi Danke 蛋壳
Short Interest on S&P Hits New Lows - thesoundingline
week29 SP500 stocks
Salesforce Buys Slack For $27.7 Billion - daringfireball
week29 Slack Salesforce
Australia-China; Politburo meeting; Xi on archaeology; Massive hydropower project in Tibet - sinocism
paywall week29 China Australia
Retiring Growl - mjtsai
week29 Growl macOS
Growl in Retirement - daringfireball
week29 Growl macOS
追寻消逝的时光:小记我的朋友高华 - douban
week28 Gao Hua 高华
广电砸下百亿的CMMB手持电视 终究被时代抛弃了 - 新浪
week28 CMMB mobile
游戏零工在中国 - gravitysworm
week28 gaming China labor
What Went Wrong With IBM’s Watson - slate
week28 IBM IBM Watson AI
The M1 Macs - daringfireball
week28 Apple Apple Silicon Apple M1
科技爱好者周刊(第 135 期):什么行业适合创业? - 阮一峰
week28 startup
招聘网站里的情色陷阱:招助理实为“拉皮条” - 新京报
week28 hiring mistress
Sin City - thecut
week28 NYC COVID19 nightlife
The Few, the Tired, the Open Source Coders - wired
week28 programming open source the bootstrap
Playing on Hard Mode - stratechery
week28 airbnb doordash OTA
Bolt Holiday Gift Guide 2020 - bolt
week28 holiday gifts gadgets
基层治理“积分制”试验:举报违法犯罪加分,越级上访扣分 - 微信公众号
week27 China authoritative state
Fifth Plenum communique; Small reprieve for Huawei; US-China; RIP Cecilia Chiang - sinocism
paywall week27 China
科技爱好者周刊(第 134 期):未来的游戏业比现在大100倍 - 阮一峰
week27 gaming
Direct-to-consumer sets - brickset
week27 Lego analysis D2C
Wine Subscription Companies See Sales Pour in During the Holidays - secondmeasure
week27 wine analysis
Map: Every Year in the History of Tibetan People - thesoundingline
week27 Tibet history geography
Ian Easton on the Prospect for War over Taiwan - thesoundingline
week27 China Taiwan Ian Easton
Chart: Five Biggest Stocks Are 23% of S&P 500 Market Cap - thesoundingline
week27 sp500 stocks
Apple reduces App Store cut to 15 percent for small businesses - sixcolors
week27 Apple App store
Gundlach's Terrifying Vision of the Future - thesoundingline
Super-spreading wedding party demonstrates COVID-19 risk posed by holiday gatherings - latimes
week27 COVID19 super-spreader
Scraping Pages Behind Login Forms - gregreda
week27 scraping login tutorial
Intel’s Disruption is Now Complete - medium
week27 Intel Apple Apple Silicon Clay Christensen iPhone
微信小程序入门教程之一:初次上手 - 阮一峰
week27 Wechat Wechat mini program tutorial
Is the Internet Different? - stratechery
week27 Aggregation Theory regulation
Super Mario 2021 sets revealed! - brickset
week27 Lego Super Mario Nintendo
App Store Small Business Program Will Reduce Commission to 15 Percent for Developers Earning up to $1 Million Per Year - daringfireball
week27 Apple App store
Intel’s Disruption Is Now Complete - mjtsai
week27 Intel ARM Apple Apple M1
Big Sur Notifications - mjtsai
week27 macOS Apple Big Sur
Big Sur Application Icons - mjtsai
week27 macOS Apple Big Sur
A Hole in the Wall - mjtsai
week27 Apple macOS privacy
微信小程序入门教程之二:页面样式 - 阮一峰
week27 Wechat Wechat mini program tutorial
Calculating set ratings - brickset
week27 Lego rating analysis
2019 Bricktober sets - brickset
week27 Lego
Barely Half of Americans Are Currently Working - thesoundingline
week27 economy labor
Review: 10276 Colosseum - brickset
week26 Lego
Kyle Bass Sees Broad, Liquidity Fueled Rally in 2021 - thesoundingline
week26 stocks
A quick hit about the big and small iPhone 12 models - sixcolors
week26 iPhone Apple
First things first: Why the M1 starts at Apple’s low end - macworld
week26 Apple
Unboxing the Design your own City set - brickset
week26 Lego
Xi's Pudong speech; Peaceful China and the knife handle; Did Xi kill the Ant IPO?; Hong Kong - sinocism
paywall week26 China HK ant group
科技爱好者周刊(第 133 期):贵州变瑞士,有没有可能? - 阮一峰
Amazon Prime Day 2020 Was the Biggest Ever - secondmeasure
week26 Amazon prime day
今年免费海葬每份骨灰 仍有400元现金补贴 - ifeng
week26 海葬
Apple’s Shifting Differentiation - stratechery
week26 Apple
LEGO Star Wars pricing - brickset
week26 Lego star wars
突发!沈志华线上讲座遭举报中断,首师大声明谴责 - 微信公众号
week26 沈志华
上午海葬、下午放生 一艘大连海葬船的生死苦恼 - 微信公众号
week26 海葬
Frozen imports and Covid-19; Foreign trade under the dual circulation strategy; Hong Kong; US-China - sinocism
paywall week26 China
Twitter and Facebook Assert Biden’s Victory - daringfireball
week26 Twitter FB Biden
Raspberry Pi 400: the $70 desktop PC - raspberrypi
week26 raspberry pi
Temporary & Contract Worker Index Climbs Back to Pre-Lockdown Level - thesoundingline
week26 economy labor
Welcome to the Next Major Market Regime - thesoundingline
week26 economy
Real-Estate Loans Growing at Slowest Pace Since 2014 - thesoundingline
week25 real-estate
Who pays the most, and least, for their LEGO? - brickset
week25 Lego
About That 85% - mjtsai
week25 Apple App store
Apple Q4 2020 results: Record Mac revenue, iPhone down - sixcolors
week25 Apple earnings
Tim Cook on Apple’s 2020 - sixcolors
week25 Apple earnings
The Mac has its best quarter ever, and Tim Cook teases the future - macworld
week25 Apple earnings
I'm doing another Recurse Center batch! - jvns
A few things I've learned about email marketing - jvns
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The Daring Fireball Election Desk Is Calling It: Biden Wins - daringfireball
最近公司在用 java 重写一个 ruby on rails 应用,我的一些碎碎念。 · Ruby China - china
科技爱好者周刊(第 132 期):快能力和慢能力 - 阮一峰
Jack Ma’s mess; Australia China risk; China bans some foreigners; Heartbreaking human trafficking story - sinocism
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ChaguanNo American election will change China’s mind - economist
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Professor Yu Ying-shih on the Roots of Chinese Totalitarianism — Jerome A. Cohen : 孔傑榮(柯恩) - jeromecohen
Interview with Yu Ying-shih TRANSLATION 101720.pdf - drive
【六四30●專訪余英時】斥港人平反六四荒唐 冀「皇帝開恩」永無民主 - appledaily