Some more change of format thoughts

Nov 07, 2020

It has been over 2 months since last time of my format change, and I have some more thoughts. My initial purpose is just to document what I have read, and thoughts if any, like a journal. Making them standalone posts deviates from that. Now it’s more like I am writing posts based on what I read. I’d still like to write posts, but that need to be split from the reading journal. The reading journal would be just a list of articles I read, with some meta data (source, date, tags etc). Some would still come with my comments, but I will decrease their visibility so that they don’t become the focus. Again, my primary motivation is to document my reading, not writing posts about it.

One cannot only consume without producing anything, so I will write posts and list them separately. To avoid confusion, the previous weekly reading posts will be archived somewhere that you can still find but with less visibility.

After all these changes, now the site has a few tabs: Home is for the reading journal, Posts for my own writings, Books keeps a list of books I read, and finally the about page. I will start adding some stats to each tab too for reference purpose.

Thanks for reading.

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