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May 31, 2020
The Job Market’s Long Road Back - wsj:

The vast majority of people laid off this spring assumed they’d be back at their jobs fairly soon. It is becoming more clear now that for many, that was wishful thinking.

A sudden halt caused by pandemic is not a recession. The real issue is the prolonged lockdown breaks the cash flow of many businesses who don’t have much preparation for this. Generally the smaller you are the worse it gets - you just have to be big enough to either think/act strategically or weather the storm. Plus large corporations are usual targets for government bailout. As a result, we should expect more consolidations in many industries, sad but inevitable.

Look no further than China, who is one step ahead of U.S. They revoked a ban of food-truck-like street businesses that was issued years ago in the purpose of “cleaning the streets”. Why? Because peplare are scared of small shops now: crammed indoor space, no unified policies, and just generally less reliable than larger ones. Allowing small businesses outdoor can at least ease some of these concerns, and lower the cost (no rent) for them. Note the messy chaos created these street businesses used to be a pain in the ass for the government, they would’ve never done this if situation weren’t dire enough. The policy is working:


Platforms in an Aggregator World - stratechery:

I thought it is about cloud as a platform in the aggregator world, in which I am more and more interested now, but it isn’t.

Twitter and Trump, YouTube and China, Facebook and Polarization - stratechery:

In this case, at some point in the past, there was likely a coordinated attack on YouTube’s algorithm by Chinese netizens (yes, YouTube is banned, and yet the Chinese people were offended by a tweet from another banned service); in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are other “banned” terms — such is the peril of automated systems.

Here is the original news. Every popular system is expected to be exploited so the news itself isn’t any surprising. What is a bit more alarming is how strong the will of CCP to bend people’s perception by whatever it takes, under the rug.

如何看待5月22日港股暴跌? - zhihu:

Wolf warrior alert.

US says Hong Kong no longer has high degree of autonomy; Meng Wanzhou case to continue; India-China border tensions - sinocism:

What else way do you expect U.S. to respond? Although the Trump’s announcement later in Friday doesn’t make too much of a dent on anyone.

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