Evolving habit

May 17, 2020

I read a fair amount each week, split about 50/50 on books and news/blogs. What I found is there’s just too much news, blogs and random posts. One never has time to read and comprehend all. Especially that they are short(er than books) meaning usually don’t need to go deep but requires constant context switching. To read nonstop without proper control ends up me feeling like didn’t read anything at all: reading becomes as mindless indulging as reading social feeds. Reading is supposed to be thought-provoking, or at least convey some sort of knowledge.

So I plan to read less, and with a little bit more thinking. Books are fine but I try to limit the time of reading news and blogs, and avoid random articles from social feeds. Also I’d try to review things I read and write down a few comments if possible. It can be a way to differentiate articles I find useful and ones that are not so much, and also stimulate my mind more instead of just passively taking in everything showing up.

A good way to stabilize any behavior is to establish a structure, and over the time have it develop into a habit. Although in this case it is to evolve a habit that already exists.

To put these into action is what this site is about. I keep track of what I read and comment on, and compile them into the series of Weekly reading to keep tabs on my reading. Occasionally I might write posts too, and some other stuff just to explore. Over time I hope my reading pattern become more in shape and clear, and constructs some sort of feedback loop.

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