Aug 08, 2020

Someone posts this article in WeChat: it’s filled with only one word 好 (“Good”):

Good weixin post

One can treat this either as a silent protest or a joke on Chinese censorship. It is posted 2 days ago and still is alive. Would censorship take it down? Meanwhile, another similar post that came out a few days earlier was already taken down, and it looks like this:

Good weixin post 2

It’s filled with one character “■”. It went viral very quick, and was taken down after 4 days of existence. This is so surreal that I am not sure if such innovation against censorship has ever existed before. Some say it is to troll this great book called 平安经 (“book of peace”):

Good weixin post 3

The book is filled with sentences of the same pattern, such as “xx平安”, and doesn’t have any actual content. The interesting thing is it’s written by a high-order CCP official, and its retail price is a whopping 299 RMB (for reference a typical book is about 20-80 RMB). Many organizations in the publishing and literature field praised and endorsed it before getting attention from the central gov. It has then been removed from shelves and the author fired from his CCP post. Like I said it is pretty surreal.

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