A change of format

Aug 23, 2020

Lately I have been thinking about the format of this blog. The weekly post was meant to be my reading summary, and tends to be loose and unstructured both visually and logically. It reflects of my reading behavior and thought process too. Also, at times I find there’s a few articles intertwine with each other in one post and can be combined into one bigger topic.

So I decided to change a bit. It will still be a weekly post, but rather than a list of posts with comments, it will have one or two topics as the “primary theme”, follows with a few posts with comments and a list of other reads like before. This allows both my reading and writing to be a bit more structured, and also maybe go a little deeper on certain topics. The first post with the new format should come out soon.

I am also thinking if some of them can be packaged into other formats such as tweets.

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